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Pyrite Resolution Board

The Pyrite Resolution Board (PRB) is a Government instrument which controls the much anticipated Pyrite Remediation Scheme (PRS). In accordance with the Pyrite Resolution Act 2013 the draft PRS has now been approved. The scheme is designed to remediate dwellings which present with significant structural damage based on the categorisation protocols set out in I.S.398-1:2013. Under the scheme a homeowner will be allowed to independently appoint a chartered engineer to produce a Building Condition Assessment. This is required to submit an application to the program. Based on our own understanding, following the initial application, the PRB will then have complete control over who they appoint to assess and categorise the building, who they appoint to remediate the property and who they appoint to monitor, snag and certify the works. Applications are now being accepted.

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What services can we provide (as independently appointed consultants)

Buildings which are categorised as Red (category D) are automatically being accepted into the Pyrite Remediation Programme if subsequent geological evidence confirms pyrite. Buildings which fall under this category are deemed to be present with (significant) structural damage due to pyritiferous sub-floor expansion of the hardcore. A period of monitoring (6-12 months) may be required to determine this damage condition rating.

Red certificate categorisation (with Building Condition Rating 2)

BUILDING CONDITION ASSESSMENT - We have extensive experience in inspecting and assessing properties for pyritic damage.

A building condition assessment must accompany any application to the Pyrite Resolution Board. This Building Condition Assessment (BCA) is to be undertaken in accordance with I.S.398-1 to provide a damage condition rating of the dwelling which can then be used with the Geologists harcore classification to provide a categorisation of the property. This final categorisation will be undertaken by the PRB and there is no requirement for the Homeowner to pay for their own geological assessment (only the BCA). In addition we understand that €500.00 of the verifiable costs associated with commissioning of a BCA are redeemable.

WATCHING BRIEF SERVICE - We have extensive experience in monitoring pyrite remediation works as independent homeowner appointed consultants. We are currently investigating the legal standing of such an appointment when monitoring Contractors which have been appointed to operate as part of the Pyrite Remediation Scheme. We will update this website as soon as we have more information.

Buildings which  are categorised as high Amber (Category C) may also be accepted into the Pyrite Remediation Programme. We currently understand that this is only likely to occur when the property is attached to an adjoining property which has Major damage. The property may only present with minimal structural damage typical of damage caused by sub-floor expansion of the hardcore. We understand that while dwellings with damage Condition Rating 1 do not automatically qualify under the PRB scheme, they may be considered under ‘exceptional circumstance provisions set out in section 17 of the Pyrite Resolution Act 2013.

Amber certificate categorisation (with Building Condition Rating 1)