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If your property is not covered by a valid Premier Guarantee structural warranty policy and you are unlikely to qualify under any other remediation scheme (see below), then unfortunately remediation will need to be funded privately. The cost of remediation however, is often less than the market devaluation of your property due to the highly charged public perception of the pyrite problem. In addition, many people wish to undertake upgrade works at the same time as the pyrite remediation works such as energy efficiency upgrades, internal finishes upgrades or extensions. Premier Guarantee does not generally encourage such works concurrent with their own.

Pyrite Solutions Ireland offer a complete service providing remediation of pyrite affected properties and upgrade works if so required. We will fully manage the remediation process and upon completion provide certification in accordance with I.S. 398-2:2013.

The Pyrite Resolution Board has now issued its requirements for qualification to its forthcoming pyrite remediation scheme via its website. The scheme is to be funded by the proceeds of a statutory levy on certain insurance products and quarried aggregate material. Click on the P.R.B. tab in the navigation bar at the top of this page for further information and links regarding the Pyrite Remediation Scheme.

Removal of pyritiferous hard-core.
Hard-core compaction & replacement of underground services
Steel stool placement (where slab is removed beneath internal walls)
Replacement of sub-slab DPM
Reinforced repair of masonry cracking
Testing moisture content of new slab before applying floor finishes